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"John Silverio is a coastal New England architect whose homes I have often admired. Turns out he's also a damn thoughtful writer with a deeply humanistic bent. His central idea is that a house should unite its inhabitants with the land, in ways that benefit both and cause the least impact on the planet. He also happens to be a talented watercolorist and illustrator. In this excellent and compact (possibly hut-sized) book, Silverio delves into the history of the hut as man's primeval shelter, then explains how to build huts, why they matter, and even how to live in them year-round. It's a gem." - Amazon Reviewer

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Like all great books, The Book of the Hut is educational, thought provoking and enriching. Before reading this book, I hadn't given huts much thought. They didn't seem to warrant it. However, John Silverio took me on quite a journey. That journey began by looking at huts as the homes of our childhood imaginations and then explores huts in their cross cultural context which explores both our cultural commonalities as well as our idiosyncracies. Finally, the journey travels forward in time and extends the core concepts of the hut. This small book is a fascinating and interesting read that is far more expansive in scope than one expects. It delves into the origins of our architectural souls and, by extension, our own." - Amazon Reviewer

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